Experienced Guidance For Probate And Estate Administration

People are at the core of every estate, but many law firms look at these issues exclusively through the law. In reality, estate administration and probate involve much more than legal processes.

People have different financial interests and expectations. There are advantages and disadvantages to various financial decisions. Sometimes emotions drive many of the conflicts or obstacles when trying to finalize a loved one's affairs. At Makowski Law Office, we recognize the breadth of challenges our clients face and we have the skill to handle them from every angle.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable legal counselors and consultants with a background and education in business law and finance. We work with our clients to guide them to strategic probate and estate administration decisions.

Dedicated To This Area Of Law So You Can Proceed With Confidence

We do not want our clients to be stuck in the legal process longer than they have to be. We strive for efficiency and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing the quality representation our clients deserve. As a boutique law firm, we can give our clients personal attention and focused dedication into the areas of law that matter most to them. Our entire practice focuses on helping clients get results in estates, probate and business matters — issues that often overlap.

Contact our office in Buffalo, New York, online or by telephone at 716-427-6704 to arrange a consultation and discuss your case with an experienced lawyer. We handle cases throughout the Niagara Falls metro area of New York as well as southern Ontario.