Can I Resolve My Business Dispute Without Going To Court?

Not every disagreement or lawsuit has to end up in a lengthy hearing. There are alternative forms of dispute resolution that can save you money and help you retain control over decision making — rather than handing that over to a judge in court.

At Makowski Law Office, we are experienced litigators with a strong record of success in trial, but we know not every case needs to be resolved that way. Whenever possible, we explore alternative solutions to help clients save time and cost. Email our office today to learn about your options, including:

  • Dispute prevention through business plans and exit strategies: Many times, lawsuits and litigation can be prevented when you enter into business relationships. Before you commit to a business partnership or relationship with vendors, financial institutions and other stakeholders, make sure you have thorough contracts, internal dispute resolution policies and business dissolution strategies in place.
  • Settlement negotiation: Disputing parties can attempt to resolve business and commercial disputes through negotiation. Options for settlement and other communication typically go through each party's attorney. If favorable and fair options are presented, the case can often be resolved outside of court.
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR): The court system is already overburdened by a large volume of lawsuits. As a result, mediation performed by a neutral party is encouraged before a hearing could even be scheduled. Through mediation, your case will be heard by an experienced neutral party that can inform you of how a court would rule. This lower cost option can give you informed legal guidance toward a resolution without bias toward either party.

Saving You From The Headaches Of Litigation When Possible

When you file a lawsuit, you are buying into resistance. Even if you strive for an amicable and cooperative resolution, the opposing party may not approach things the same way. As your attorneys, we will be ready and willing to take matters to court if fair options are not offered by the opposing party. As a boutique law firm with a depth of experience in transactions, litigation and appeals, we can handle the full scope of your business and commercial needs.

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