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We run an efficient boutique litigation firm that handles complex commercial, corporate and estate matters. Our clients get the dedicated attention and creative solutions they need for success.

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Your Local Resource For Business, Commercial And Estate Matters

At Makowski Law Office, our law firm is an extension of our clients' businesses, commercial interests and estates. We are advisers and consultants who can help you drive your success and protect your interests in ways that other attorneys often overlook.

We understand more than just the law; we understand your business. Contact our office to arrange a meeting and discuss your legal concerns with one of our experienced attorneys.

We handle a wide range of legal transactions, litigation and appellate matters, while emphasizing our practice on a niche area of law. We can help you with your corporate transactions, commercial litigation, estate planning, probate and estate administration.

Understandable And Actionable Legal Advice

Legal jargon is only useful for other lawyers, judges, etc. We make sure our advice translates directly into how our clients' commercial interests or estates will be influenced by the legal process.

Cost-Effective Through Efficiency And Focus

We are a boutique firm that focuses on a particular area of law rather than trying to be everything to everyone. There is no wasted time on familiarization with new types of cases. We can hit the ground running and make strategic decisions quickly so you are only in the legal system as long as you have to be — nothing more.

Collaboration And Accessibility That Drives Results

When our clients contact us, they get to talk to us. We help them understand the dimensions of their legal issues — both what they understand and what they may not have considered. Teamwork within our firm and with our clients has helped us earn many referrals from satisfied clients.

Call us at 716-427-6704 to set up a meeting with one of our experienced lawyers today. Our office is based in Buffalo, but we handle cases throughout the Niagara Falls metro area of New York as well as southern Ontario.


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